At Broken Colors, we are offering Biosensing-as-a-Service, a complete, full-stack solution for any company or researcher to to begin deploying bio-sensors at scale in the Metaverse.

Our integrated assessment and training platform combines Virtual Reality, Neuroscience, and Artificial Intelligence to create a full-spectrum analysis of the cognitive performance.

Broken Colors is building the next generation of commercial cognitive science. Our assessment and training platform presents cognitive tasks, games, and scenarios inside an immersive VR environment while our hardware suite silently tracks neurosignals (EEG), eye-movement, and facial expression. These signals are sent to our cloud platform where traditional neuroscience algorithms are combined with machine learning to create a full-spectrum analysis of the user’s cognitive performance.

Eye Tracking

The eye is the window to the user's attention. Pupil dilation and blink frequency are also indicators of the user's mental state

Facial Analysis

Capturing voluntary emotions and involuntary micro-expressions to tap into the emotional reaction of the user to every event

Brain Signal

Using electrical brain signals captured through electroencephalography, we get a peak into the activity of the brain


Analyzing the volume, speed, prosody of the user's speech can give deep insights into their underlying thoughts and feelings

Full Spectrum Analysis

Neuroscience meets machine learning, we produce the high end metric for cognitive performance


What is your length and depth of your focus?


How quickly and completely can you calm your mind?


What is the strength of your concentration and willpower?

Reaction Time

The speed of your reaction are an indicator of your mental acuity


Is your memory as reliable as you think?

Cognitive Science in the 21st Century


Seamless integration of the latest biosensing technologies including brainwave analysis, eye-tracking, and facial expression recognition

Virtual Reality

Immersive environments that removes all distractions and transports the user to life-like scenarios

Artificial Intelligence

Self-improving algorithms automatically integrate diverse sources of data and generates results in real-time

Meet Our Team

Dr. Kaimin Chang of Carnegie Mellon University is renowned for his work in combining brain imaging and artificial intelligence. At CMU, Dr. Chang lead teams that published seminal results at the intersection of sensors, neuroscience, and machine learning - using the latest technologies to discover novel ways to track cognitive state. Our team brings together decades of experience in neuroscience with the latest techniques in machine learning.


Dr. Kaimin Chang


Yueran Yuan


Shi Lingbo

Our clients and products span a wide range of industries

K12 Education

Discovering the cognitive preparedness of students

Market Research

Analyse the feelings of consumers


Study attention and emotion reactions with neuralsensors

Professional Training

Discover the cognitive patterns of experts and learn from them


Scenarios and assessments for those living with the condition


Studying neural and psychological indicators

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